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I get to know you and your vision to help you bring that vision, to life.

Hi, I’m Lydia.

I’m a highly experienced ecommerce business coach and consultant with my signature one-on-one ecommerce coaching program.

In addition, I also love building ecommerce websites. In fact, you can practically call me a one-woman ecommerce web design agency! I can handle all of your ecommerce development to ensure you get off to the right start with your business.

In fact, many of my clients combine both of these services, together.

Let’s take a look.

12-Week Personalised Ecommerce Coaching Program

Over 12 weeks, I can get you started and ready to launch your incredible business idea. I can even help to develop your ideas into something clearer and more focused.

You’ll end up with:

  • Clarity on your business idea.
  • Your ideal target audience defined.
  • Strong foundations for maximum growth.

My coaching package includes:

  • One-on-one, individualised coaching on a weekly basis.
  • A step-by-step action plan designed specifically for you and your business.
  • All your pressing questions answered, along the way.

I’ll help you set achievable goals and keep you accountable – to fast-track your launch and set up your business for maximum success.
Filling you full of confidence, and empowering you to take action, every step of the way.

Investment: $2,000


Plus, if you need help building your ecommerce website, I can also help with…


Ecommerce Website Development

One of the biggest hurdles when launching an ecommerce store is your actual website build.

All the platforms and tech can leave you in a total tailspin, doubting your own sanity and questioning your entire business.

Luckily, I’ve had years of experience handling all the nitty gritty technical bits and bobs of ecommerce websites. That means I can design the perfect ecommerce website for you – freeing you up to focus your efforts on product sourcing, marketing and all those other fun things.

I’ll work hard to understand your vision and brand, to create:

  • A dazzling design that represents you to the max.
  • A functional website that’s easy for your customers to buy from and for you to manage.

All via a streamlined process that’s hassle and stress free, from start to finish.

Ensuring you and your business is ready, to launch, grow and prosper.

Need both coaching and a website?

That’s ok!

Many of my clients choose to go through my coaching program and then, ask me to build their website too.

This is a great option as my coaching allows me to get to know you and your business intimately – which means I can design a better website that truly reflects your vision.

Because let’s face it – there aren’t too many website developers who will know your business and desires to the level of detail, that I will.

Let’s get your business started, together.

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