Lydia Conley

The Ecommerce Coach for ‘work from home’ mums

Hi, I’m Lydia Conley – The Ecommerce Coach for ‘work from home’ mums.

And I’m also the founder of the award-winning and ever-popular ecommerce brand ‘Bulla Baby’.

Founded in 2012, from my hometown of Karratha (Western Australia), I strove to create a business that would help support my family and provide me with flexibility, to work around my young kids.

And as it thrived, so did I.

Bulla Baby gave me purpose and true lifestyle freedom as a mum.
After I had kids, I craved a career for myself. I knew I needed and wanted to do something more.

I was after both personal fulfillment AND the ability to be there for my kids.

Which is precisely what my ecommerce business gave me.
Recently, my experience and expertise in starting and building ecommerce brands in the mums and bubs space, has become more and more in demand by other mums, wanting to start a business.

Which is why, I’m now offering ecommerce coaching and consulting. To mums, just like you (and me!).

So, you can become a successful ‘work from home mum’ too.


My Story

When I began my own ecommerce store Bulla Baby, I was a total beginner at business.

All I had was a basic vision and enough faith in myself to give it a go.
So, I simply started. One foot, after another.

And along the way, I learnt.

I learnt what works. I learnt what definitely doesn’t work. And I learnt the precise steps needed to create success.

Now, looking back over my nearly 10-year journey, I can clearly see all the wrong steps, miscalculations, and hiccups along the way, that could have been avoided, had I known how.

Which is what’s inspired me to help you with your ecommerce journey.

I can help you save time, money and heartbreak to get you where you want to go, much faster than I did initially.

Together, we can get your business brand off to the right start, fast.

Steering you in the right direction, towards your dreams.

Why work with me?

Above all else, you can rely on me to tell you what you need to hear, without fluff or drama.

I will challenge you by being upfront and honest about what I feel you need to know, in order to grow, both personally and as a business owner.

I also know that creating a successful online business is about more than just a website. An ecommerce or product-based business requires a clever, clear strategy that’s unique to you and your brand, to get those sales flying in.

And success will happen faster, with experienced support.


LUXlife Parent & Baby Awards 2020 – Best Unique Baby & Children’s Goods Retailer – Western Australia

Karratha & Districts Chamber of Commerce Awards:

> 2019 Winner – Best Home Based Business
> 2018 Winner – Best Customer Service

To run a successful business, you simply need to take the first step.

Nothing is impossible. You just need to back yourself and give it a try. And you’ll get there faster and more easily, with some expert support.

I’ll take you from confused to clear.

And from overwhelmed to confident.

Take the first step towards a successful ecommerce business with me.